How Did Your Favorite Politician Do on the GMAT?

This is the way by which a politician and a GMAT test taker are similar in!

This is the way by which a politician and a GMAT test taker are similar in!

It is not about the fact as how your favorite politician performed in GMAT! The question is about as how a politician and a GMAT preparer like you are related to each other. To be frank, GMAT and politics are very close to each other. The theory of ‘Item Response’ comes to be the main aspect here. You cannot win it completely like a general math or science exam with perfect answers. How much so ever you prepare, you could not aim in getting a 90 or above percentage of victory, just as a politician! Similarly, from the tough questions presented in the exam, you ought to take logical decisions with the inadequate information given that once again resembles a politician’s life.

Very importantly, if any setback arises in the course of your exam, again just like the politicians you have to remain sturdy and take the ideal decision. Not to be missed to say a few about the famous Fort Lee lane closure scandal that brought the politician and the NJ governor Chris Christie into trouble! However, Christie was not taken aback by all these worries and he did not get stuck up. He, as a good politician, has kept his mindset very clear and not to take unnecessary things to his head in this bad situation when so many were against him. No wonder, he got a substantial victory in NJ again.

Here, it would be right to say that Christie has taken the policy what each and every GMAT test taker should take: “When GMAT poses really tough questions at you, do not lose heart! Keep your mind clear and work perseveringly!” Got it as what your favorite politician has to say via GMAT? Looking for GMAT tutoring? HeyKiki is the place to search and compare hundreds of tutors in your neighborhood. Whether you’re hoping to improve your score or connect with a tutor who can give you more information about the test, HeyKiki is a trusted educational source for students in the New York area and beyond.

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