Learning Yoga: How to Refine Your Practice

Improve your practice and get into the next level!

Improve your practice and get into the next level!

Now that you have become an expert in yoga, starting from the levels of beginner and intermediate, the time has come for you to find some essential ways to refine your yoga practice. Once you complete your higher level of education, you see for the ways of putting them into the right stream so that you would shine out well. Similar is the case in yoga too, where having learnt the basics thoroughly, you have to hone up your practicing tactics to become a perfect yogi. First of all, know your limits. Just because Renee is able to touch her knees with her forehead, she isn’t necessarily an expert and you might not be one either. Bend to the level your body permits.

Never ever over do any exercise as the basic rule in yoga is ‘to remain stable and comfy’ in the final posture. Keep a smile meter for yourself. Keep smiling as you do the poses and when you over-do any asana, automatically, your smile meter indicates it. It will show that you are not comfortable with your posture and so readjust yourself accordingly. The breath  is a vital point to be noted in yoga. Maybe in the initial stage, you did not give so much of importance to your breath flow; but now, when getting into the process of refining your practice, you have to give more care to your breath flow as there is one inhale and exhale alternatively for any yoga pose.

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