Music Therapy Options for Pianists

Music has great healing powers too!

Music has great healing powers too!

Music therapy refers to an interpersonal process under which a professional who is proficient in any field of music such as piano, guitar, violin or any other instrument and helps individuals in betterment and maintenance of their health. In this process, all the aspects of music including emotional, social, physical, spiritual, aesthetic and mental are employed by the music therapists. In this process, the improvement in health of the clients may take place directly through music or it may happen via a relationship which develops amid the therapist and the client.

The foremost requirement to be a music therapist is proficiency in music and hence pianists may also act as music therapists. For this, they need to undergo specialized training from some reputed institute. In this regard, two associations are known all over the world, which symbolize the profession of music therapy as well as the relevant professionals. In other words, pianists may join these institutes to help people improve their health and deal with their problems through the power of music.

The American Music Therapy Association or AMTA-Located at Silver Spring MD, it aims at promoting awareness of general public about relevance and importance of music in dealing with health related problems. This association wishes to make a change in the world through the power of music.

The Certification Board for Music Therapist or CBMT- It is situated in Downingtown, PA. It also aims at making all the individuals of society healthy and stress-free by making use of music therapy. It operates at national level and hence benefiting thousands of people across the nation.

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Running: The Importance of Power Songs

Performance improvement through the power of music!

Performance improvement through the power of music!

Like all other athletes associated with different sports, runners also need some motivation in order to perform well and to continue with their routine practice. There may be any source of motivation for runners and power songs are also among them. A power song is characterized by strong motivational power. Power songs prove to be greatly useful for runners when they feel stressed or lack of interest towards running. These songs have the power to boost up a runner and motivate them towards their goal achievement.

Power songs really work wonders for runners when they feel like stop running. Listening to a good power song such as ‘I was born to run’ by Emmylou Harris enthuse a runner towards running and to make improvements in their performance.

Power Songs also act as great companions during practice sessions. A runner who has to practice alone can keep on practicing by listening to various power songs which will keep them aligned to their goal as well as encourage them towards more practice.

The real power of a power song lies in the power of music involved with it. The power of music contained in power songs is such that it makes a runner faster. Also music of a power song keeps a running moving on and on till he reaches his destination point.

According to various researches made by renowned medical practitioners, the music of power songs also help in improving endurance of a runner. It is because runners feel less exertion while listening to music and hence it has a positive effect on their performance.

The power songs also help a runner to have a good rhythm while running which leads to less consumption of oxygen for a specific speed and hence makes running economical. According to science, such a running definitely improves performance and physical capacity of the runners.

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Dance News: Latest From Pillow Project

The art of Dance sees no boundaries!

The art of Dance sees no boundaries!

The contemporary dance performances are being carried out at the behemoth Carrie Furnace by a group of more than 30 members including David and Goliath under The Pillow Project. In this series, two performances of The Jazz Furnace were also presented in an effort to introduce music and dance to the exploded furnace and to organize a nighttime event.

Since there was no electricity available, some volunteers from Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area helped in preventing visitors from entering the prohibited areas with the help of a yellow tape. The dancers were wearing gloves and boots and added an unpredicted element of humanity to the dance show. They continuously gave pop-up performances for which they got inspiration and motivation from their surroundings. The Pillow Project was successful in making each corner of the furnace lively by the power of music and dance. An old piano was also brought to the furnace by the Pillow Project and will leave it there only.

There was an amalgamation of old and new performances by the artists of Pillow Project for more than four hours in the Powerhouse at night. The dancers performed to the live music given by Chaibaba and Blue Redshift. The dancers also incorporated some re-shaped dance works from the collection of Pillow during the current year.

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