Three Tips for Encountering Difficult Reading Questions

 Need help on passage reading questions!

Need help on passage reading questions!

Reading comprehension based questions are an important part of any standardized test such as SAT or ACT or even for a normal English exam or test at any level. Although most students are able to get through this part however sometimes the reading questions are quite difficult and students find it difficult to answer the same appropriately. Even sometimes the multiple choice questions based on passage reading are such that students can’t choose the most apt answer options from the give alternatives. For dealing with such questions, students need to follow some tips.

1. To answer difficult reading questions, you must first read the question and then read the given passage. It helps you to have an idea of what you are expected to locate in the passage in order to answer the questions. It also helps in making the reading of passage quite easy as you will get a hint about passage from the questions.

2. Think about the answer in your mind before looking at the answer options after you have accomplished reading the passage. You may then look at the answer options and check if answer guess made by you is there in the form of one of the answer alternatives.

3. While answering difficult questions, it is always preferable to stick to the options selected by you first of all. Never try to change your answer while revising all the answers. It is because according to statistics, first choice is always the correct answer. So you shouldn’t scrutinize or change your answers during revision process.

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