English Literature: Why Romeo and Juliet is Not a Love Story

Romeo and Juliet - looking beyond the love.

Romeo and Juliet – looking beyond the love.

When we think of historical lovers, Romeo and Juliet are among the first names to come up. Their story as told by the Bard of Avon is touted to be one of the best romantic stories ever written. But is it really a story of love just because if features those eternal lovers? Let us explore this question in detail and find answers as to why some of its readers think that Romeo and Juliet is not a love story.

In its essence, a story that exalts true love is one of tragedy. This is an underlying thread found in almost all romance literature where there is some form of tragedy, the most common one being the death of one or both of the lovers. Romeo and Juliet follows this pattern albeit the tragedy occurs as a result of miscommunication. When Romeo sees his young bride acting dead, he kills himself and when Juliet realizes that her husband is dead, she kills herself for real. And with the death of the lovers, the fate of their love is sealed. It will remain eternal, exactly the way it was when they were alive.

Romeo first meets Juliet at a party, a party in which he is present only because his friends brought him there to cheer him up from the loss of ‘the love of his life’ Rosalyn! Another point against Romeo and Juliet as a love story is the age of lovers. They are barely in their mid teens. Add to this the context of their meeting (jilted lover meets pretty girl) and infatuation sounds more suited than true love.

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Great Piano Music from Musicals

Piano music in musicals!

Piano music in musicals!

If you are looking forward for some fantastic piano music from musicals, probably, if you could get into a popular music store it would be easy for you to find some with the assistance of the shop keeper. But still, this blog could be of great assistance in getting some too! The song ‘Somewhere’ from an American musical ‘West Side Story’ needs a special mention. No wonder this song was so much admired and honored by the pianists and other musicians that many versions sprung up since this song was released on 1961.

The song ‘Phantom of the Opera’ from the musical ‘Phantom of the Opera’ is yet another choice for you to enjoy great piano music. In this musical film, there are still eight more superb collection of piano solos, each one unique in its way of being melodious and heart throbbing. Yet another piano music that rose from a fantastic musical which could be your favorite is the song ‘Where is Love?’ from musical as well as award winning British film ‘Oliver’. Based on the novel ‘Oliver Twist’ this song became very popular as it was truly heart touching, speaking about the love an orphan yearns for via piano mellow music.

These three are just a few samples among the exhaustive list of musicals. The song ‘Memory’ from musical ‘Cats’, ‘Seasons of Love’ from ‘Rent’, ‘The circle of life’ from musical ‘The Lion King’ are some of the other songs that are completely based on piano music. After all, piano is the very basic for all music forms! Is it not?

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