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HeyKiki Newsletter

HeyKiki is search engine that brings all classes and lessons together in one place. The education tech space is filled with class suppliers and emerging marketplaces to find and learn something new. HeyKiki is where all of these classes can be compared. So instead of clicking through site after site, you can come to one place to search and compare every class or lesson that might interest you. And with a user-generated rating system based on the professionalism, experience level and effectiveness of each of class and instructor, you're much more likely to find a teacher that's best for you. Whether you're searching for a martial arts teacher, a beer brewing class, boomerang lessons (you never know), piano lessons, a math tutor ... HeyKiki allows you to compare teachers from every education source out there (that we know of).

HeyKiki isn't just about improving the quality of education outside school but also enhancing informal learning. We know most people come to our site with a certain lesson or class in mind; but we hope that search leads you to something you haven't tried. Like screenwriting. Or punk rope. If you're always delighted in taking great pictures, check out our photography classes. Being spontaneous can inspire personal growth in areas you might typically ignore - and can uncover hidden talents you never knew were there. So use our site to find the class or lesson you need, and then have a look around. You might be surprised by what else you find.